Dot5Hosting Review

While the pricing of Dot5Hosting is attractive, the service quality aren't. Thus I recommend you to look at iPage instead which offer the same plan at the same price, but comes with superb customer support and quality hosting.

Homepage :
Plan name : All-In-One
12 month plan : -
24 month plan : $3.95/month
Disk Space : Unlimited
Bandwidth : Unlimited
Websites : Unlimited

What Happened?

It has been more than a year since I stopped monitoring Dot5 Hosting. I am not sure if they are good now. But what you need to know is that Dot5Hosting has been acquired by Endurance International Group.

Endurance International Group has acquired over 20 brands of hosting companies including the big names such as iPowerWeb, StartLogic, PowWeb and FatCow. After these companies is taken over, it creates a big disaster where well run hosting companies are being destroyed! The problem is that once Endurance take over these companies, the original founders left (with lots of money of course)! They are no longer 'family owned' and 'family operated'. The soul of the company is lost. They bring in new managements and new policies to the web hosts. They also migrate the servers of existing customers creating a lot of transition problem.

Since I am actively in the hosting industry, I am convinced that Dot5Hosting, iPowerWeb, StartLogic is badly affected. I am not sure if they have recovered fully since it has been more than a year. Fortunately, PowWeb and FatCow are still able to do well and are not affected by the take over.

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