BlueHost Promotions and Offers – Over $215 Marketing Credits

Free $50 Google AdWords Credit

Google AdWords is the advertising product of Google. They offer Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, site targeted advertising and even banner advertising. The PPC model is the most popular where advertisers will bid for their ads base on different search terms. The higher you bid, the higher you rank. You pay when someone click on your ad, thus the name "Pay Per Click".

Paid results are shown as small boxes on the right side of the free results. Sometimes, the paid ads will even show above the free results in highlighted yellow box if you are willing to bid more (it's all about money)!

All BlueHost customers are entitled to $50 FREE Adwords credit. Please note that the credit is only available to customers who reside in the US or Canada and apply only to new AdWords customers only. Also, you must claim the credit within 15 days after your BlueHost account is activated.

Free $25 Yahoo Search Marketing Credit

Similar to Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing is the advertising arm of Yahoo. They are the second player in PPC market after Google.

Again, you get $25 FREE Yahoo Search Marketing Credit when you sign up with BlueHost.

Free $50 Miva Credit

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft take up over 90% of the PPC market and what remain are the small players. Miva is actually a very small player which you can safely ignore. I personally do not recommend you to take the credit even it is free because I don't think it is worth your time.

Free $50 Ask Sponsored Listing Credit is a small search engine and they also rely on PPC as their source of income. While it is a lot better than Miva, I still don't think you should invest too much time on it as I said earlier, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have taken up 90% of the PPC market.

Free $40 PR Web Credit

PRWeb involves in news release submission and distribution to build online visibility. PRWeb distribution encompasses the largest online news distribution network. From the smallest business to the Fortune 500, PRWeb news and press release distribution has helped more than 40,000 organizations maximize their online visibility and achieve worldwide media coverage.

5% Discount at Boxed Art

Boxed Art provides a large library of ready to use web templates and web graphics. You pay a fixed monthly membership fee and you gain unlimited access/downloads to the library. There are currently over 6,000 products under 40 different categories.

All BlueHost customers are entitled to 5% discount on the membership fee.

Other Promotions

Other promotions include partnerships that BlueHost has made with Simplicity (online payment solution), GlowTouch Technologies (web design company), Postini (premium anti-spam service), ShopSite (premium shopping cart), Alive Chat (web based chatting software), FaxPipe (online fax service), Mozy (online free backup), etc. either in the form of special discount prices or free trials.