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(Updated For February 2016)  Many visitors have told me that they have learned a lot just by reading my hosting reviews. So please don't just trust my ranking! Read my hosting reviews!


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HostGator Review
$5.57 $7.95 $6.27 $8.95  1 Site Visit
$7.67 $10.95 $8.37 $11.95  Unlimited!
  SALE! Premium web hosting with 30%25% Discount (Use coupon code "Get30Discount")! This website is proudly hosted by HostGator. HostGator is the "100% no regret" host.
BlueHost Review
$3.95 $6.99 $4.95 $7.49   1 Site Visit
$6.95 $10.99 $7.95 $11.99  Unlimited!
  Anytime money back guarantee, free domain, best control panel, 1-click scripts installer, blazing fast server, great customer support, instant account activation and more. Hard to go wrong with BlueHost. Read my comprehensive review to learn more.
GreenGeeks Review
$5.56 $6.95 $5.45 $7.95  Unlimited! Visit
  A 300% green company with thousands of happy customers that you can see here. Use coupon Take20Off for instant 20% off.
4. iPage
iPage Review
$2.25 $9.99 $2.25 $10.99 Unlimited! Visit
  Cheap and reliable website host with $2.25 sale right now. Anytime money back guarantee, vDeck control panel, etc. iPage is the "Best Bang For The Buck" host.
5. JustHost
JustHost Review
$2.95 $6.99 $3.95 $7.49   1 Site Visit
$4.95 $10.99 $5.95 $11.99  Unlimited!
  Anytime money back guarantee, CPanel, instant account activation, etc.

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Resources For Intelligent Webmaster

1. Most web hosts publish the HUGE discount price in their website but don't mention the renewal price. As an intelligent webmaster, you need to find out the renewal pricing before signing up. I have made that easy for you. Check out price comparison - offer price vs renewal price.

2. There is no such thing as unlimited hosting and they are just marketing gimmicks. You should also learn about the limits of each web host. Read unlimited hosting is limited.

3. Web hosts like to list a bunch of scripts as part of their "hosting features" but these scripts are always free no matter they list them or not. It is like listing oxygen as FREE in the restaurant menu. The added value they provide is not the script but the script installer. Learn more about script installers.

Beginners Web Hosting Guide

1. If you are still not familiar with domain name and web hosting, read domain hosting explained.

2. If you are confused with all different type of hosting such as shared hosting, dedicated servers, VPS, cloud hosting, etc. read web hosting services explained.



There are many web hosting directories and review sites out there. But this site is different because it has been here since 2002 (9 Years!). I review cheap domain host from the INSIDE and not from the OUTSIDE. I don't go to a web host, look at their web design and features and then say, "Hey, this is a good host!" That's stupid! I am actually recommending the web hosts that I have been using myself! I have been using HostGator for 5 years. What published here are all are my real personal experiences and that's why I think it is useful to you. Read my BlueHost review and you will understand why this site really can help you, because they are all real reviews.


What If You Picked The Wrong Host?

I receive tons of complaints from our visitors who have picked the wrong host! When you pick the wrong host, all sorts of funny things can happen and you will suffer a lot of headaches! Here are some of the possible nightmares you can have if you don't pick your host wisely!

-- Nightmare #1 --

I received the following email from [bad host] this morning:

'Dear Charley, Congratulation! As per our previous notices, today we have upgraded your hosting account for [site address] to our new [plan] and processed your invoice 166952 in the amount of $29.95 through your credit card account on file.'

1. I did not authorize [bad host] to upgrade the account.
2. When I call the phone number in the email no one answers.
3. Time for my attorney's letter to cease and desist.

Bad host with charge your credit card without your permission!

-- Nightmare #2 --

They won't reply any support mail. They charged me twice the money to renew my hosting service.

II paid the hosting last year by PayPal. This year Globat reminded me to renew the service. I paid the renewance, also by PayPal, 102 USD. After several days, Globat charge me another 115 USD, in a PayPal subscription, which I have no idea about it. I sent three mails to ask about it, no response. I made a claim in PayPal, but it is said that it doesn't comply with their policy. Sigh'

And before the renewance, i sent some technique support questions to them, also got no response.

I have to say, [bad host], sh*t.

Bad host will steal your money again and again!

-- Nightmare #3 --

They are the worst! My forum server is down or so slow DAILY!! I keep writing help tickets everyday and their online chat guy is a talking robot. They don't care about their customers! They keep cramming their servers full and leave their existing customers all choked up and websites that run slower than a turtle.

They will have you on a good server at first but as soon as you get comfortable and established, they turn your line into crap and you'll start to see the difference daily as it gets worse.

Don't go with [bad host]! I'm moving from there and I'll tell everyone not to try them. EVER!!

Bad host provides you will slow servers and poor support!

-- Nightmare #4 --

My site is down all the time. Yesterday their server messed up, and my friend, who I accidentally referred to [bad host], got his ENTIRE website erased. All his files went missing and he lost tons of visitors. [BAD HOST] IS HORRIBLE. IT IS ALWAYS DOWN. THEIR GIANT PACKAGES ARE TO COVER UP THE HORRIBLE SERVERS.

Bad host can screw up your entire website!


Received from my visitors ...

"I would like to thank you for having the most correct and up to date reviews on the best web hosting companies out there! I recently did some extensive research on all the best web hosting companies and found your site to be the most accurate and informative out of all the top Google and Yahoo search results and review sites!"
John R H

"I loved your website. I somehow got to it and read all top 10 reviews and went with LunarPages. I do not know how much more I can tell you besides that it was extremely helpful in finding the best host."
Justin W

"Thanks! Now that I've had some real-life experience with both iPowerWeb and LunarPages, your reviews are dead-on-target. It's uncanny. ;-) Thanks for providing such accurate reviews. I made the unfortunate decision to pick GISOL for my web host last time. I still have 5 months prepaid with them, but my domain was down so frequently, I just wrote the remaining time off. And I thought I was making an informed decision when I picked them."

"I have recently started an iPowerWeb account based on your recommendation. This is for my real estate agent site. So far iPowerWeb has been everything you said and I appreciate your advise on this."
J Raines

"Your site has been helpful. Many sites have been exasperating: too complicated, too crammed with information, too difficult to navigate and find what I want."

"Just a note to thank you for the very informative posting you have provided about setting up a website hosting arrangement. I would have been weeks ahead had I found this earlier. It is still the best I have found but all together in a very usable form."
Bob S

"Hi! I just wanted you to know that your help produced results. I used to sign with LunarPages, and really like them. The forum is great, and so is customer service. I did get a mini-version of my site up and running with only Photoshop and ImageReady, and uploaded it with Fetch..."

II'm very pleased to have found your site on the Internet. Since you provide comprehensive and unbiased reviews on different web-hosting providers. Due to your help I have started a business with and I do not regret about our cooperation. Since they are reliable partners and their stuff is highly qualified. Well, thank's a lot.

*Need the best domain hosting with large disk space and bandwidth? Just look at our best website hosting chart which allows you to compare cheap website hosting services easily. We only recommend quality and reliable web hosting services to you. All recommended hosts support FTP hosting and email hosting. PHP, MySQL and Microsoft Frontpage are also supported. All plans listed in our directory are cheap web hosting below $10/month. We make sure expensive website hosts can't take away your money!

Please help us to build a better cheap website hosting directory. Send us your website hosting reviews to us, especially reviews of the website hosting plans listed in our directory. Thank You for visiting my web hosting comparison website since 2002! Compare web hosting now.

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